My Goals:

I got this idea from “Frozen Cookie” and I thought, “That’s a good idea!  I’m going to do that too!” and here I am.

January 30 – lose 5 pounds (223 pounds)

February 27 – lose 4 pounds (219 pounds)

March 26 – let go of another 4 pounds (215 pounds)

April 30 – release 5 pounds (210)

May 27 – walk a half marathon

May 30 – say good bye to  4 more pounds (206)

June 25 – drop off another 4 pounds (202)

July – Welcome my first grandbaby to the family!

July 30 – another 5 pounds that I’m not carrying around (197)

August 27 – minus 4 pounds (193)

September 24 – celebrate a fond farewell to another 4 pounds (189)



1 Response to My Goals:

  1. Marcia Stehouwer says:

    I just looked at my goals and the only one that I hope to be able to achieve at this stage is the walking of the half marathon on Sunday. I think I need to rework this, based on current reality!

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