Just Do it?

The Wall at the Gym!

I made it to the gym this morning – mostly because I needed to use the bathroom and mine was in use!  Actually that’s gotten me out of the house a few times.  It was delightful to find that we all have D’s on the board to spell “Do it!”

(You know you are easily distracted when you run to your bedroom to get a book and you end up having a shower, knitting two rows on a hat and doing some minor decluttering!)

Anyways – I have the book – bought it earlier this year (I think) at Fair’s Fair, my all time favourite used book store in Calgary – and I read parts of it, but did nothing much further than that.  But together with all my other struggles, I felt that perhaps it was time to pull it out again.  I’m reading Chapter 4 and here’s the quote I want to reflect on today.  I hope that if you are reading this for encouragement, it helps.

Changing from an overweight person into a lean person isn’t this simple.  It requires permanent, sustained new behavior that alters every aspect of our lives.

Just “doing it” (Eating less and moving more) isn’t enough for the long haul.  That’s obvious and straightforward.  But I’m not a simple math equation and neither are my friends at TOPS.  We have stuff that we are dealing with and have had to deal with for much of our lives.  That STUFF requires some less obvious “tweeking” although that’s probably a very casual word for some intense effort – the effort of rewiring our minds.

Anyways, that’s what I’m getting from Chapter 4.  I want to achieve thinner peace.  I want to be at peace.

In the meantime I have to get ready for my day.  I will continue to work the equation, knowing that it isn’t enough.

Have a lovely Thanksgiving weekend!



About Marcia Stehouwer

I have a great life (most days) and a small budget, so being frugal is one of my favourite hobbies. I started this blog after procrastinating for 3 months, on April Fool's Day. I knit, I read, I knit, I work... I am also about a quarter of the way through my goal to lose 100 pounds. So between knitting, working, reading etc., I also do some walking!
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