The Breakfast Edition – Dec. 29

I’m getting ready for the New Year – My TOPS weigh-in has me at 227.5 pounds.  Not happy, but not surprised by it either.   This morning I divided out the last of the eggnog – there’s enough to get me to Sunday and then it’s done.  Next year my coffee making will look a little more like this – with the nog pre-measured!:

I should have done that from the beginning – but each of those Tupperware snack cups has a 1/4 cup ready for the next cuppa, which is hard to see in the second picture.  Oh well.  It was delicious.  And it will be done on Sunday.  And I’ll buy the smaller cartons instead of the big one!  Hang the cost.

I also prepared my breakfasts for the next week and a bit.

I have quite a collection of the older Tupperware hamburger stackers which I bought when my daughter was young and in need of baby-food.  It was great for that, but she’s 24 now.  Still they come in handy for making breakfast. Half of the containers contain 1/3 cup of kamut flakes (You could used old fashioned oats or other flaked grains – rye, wheat, spelt…) a pinch of salt and a tablespoon of ground flax seeds.  The others contain my Vitamin D, Calcium and Glucosamine pills.  After I’ve gymmed and showered, I’ll make my coffee, add some of the boiling water to the oats and chop in some fruit – apple, banana or pear are the fruit of choice at the moment.  It can’t get much easier than that!

So today I sowed:

  • A good breakfast, although it didn’t happen until 10:30
  • A good lunch – soup and a slice of bread
  • A good evening – vegetables and two poached eggs.  It’s quite late (9 pm. but I’m hungry now and I don’t want to have another night like last night.  Or the night before.  This is my trouble time and if veggies and protein will get me through it, I’m okay with that for now.
  • A great workout at the gym.  I used all 5 machines and set a new train of thought in motion.  It still needs some tweeking in order to post it to the blog, but I might have it figured out by the weekend!

About Marcia Stehouwer

I have a great life (most days) and a small budget, so being frugal is one of my favourite hobbies. I started this blog after procrastinating for 3 months, on April Fool's Day. I knit, I read, I knit, I work... I am also about a quarter of the way through my goal to lose 100 pounds. So between knitting, working, reading etc., I also do some walking!
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